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The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Ltd. was established in 1924 as an Apex Bank to meet funding requirements of cooperative societies. It is engaged in all types of banking & credit business with societies and individuals. The PPCBL gained the status of Scheduled Bank in 1955.  PPCBL was organized and being managed on the principal of voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy, independence, self-help and mutual cooperation.
A farmer friendly Bank committed to development of agriculture Sector ...
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About Us
To be a well structured and efficient Cooperative financial institution for helping its members and individuals to unite volutarily for building up their resources and meeting their common socioeconomic needs through democratically controlled enterprise.
Achieving business excellence by cattering the financial requirements of the rural community at the grass root level through provision of quality services and infused values of cooperation in a conductive and supportive environment.